Capsule Loaders

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Capsule loaders are simple machines that enable you to fill empty capsules quickly and efficiently. They are a necessity for small supplement manufacturing and distribution companies, as well as for individuals interested in making their own supplements for personal use. Most capsule loaders are quite inexpensive, too.

Convenient and Easy to Use Capsule Loaders

Capsule loaders are designed to be very user friendly. They are easy to use and require little or no maintenance or training. The first step is to place the empty capsule half into the loading area. The capsules will stand upright in their slots for easy loading. Next, cover the tray with your powdered supplement. Wipe off any excess powder and return it to the supplement container.

The pill will now be filled with supplement. This is not a rule, but I recommend using the optional tamping tool in order to get more supplement into each capsule. Remove the top tray and then replace the cap on each capsule. That is basically it, and as you can tell, the process is quite simple.

Some of the leaders in the industry have very good websites with answers to common questions and demonstrations. You can visit some of these websites--checking out your options is recommended--and even watch short videos on how capsule loaders function. If you do want to watch a demonstration rather than simply reviewing diagrams, you'll need to have some sort of media player installed on your computer.

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