Capsule Machines

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Capsule machines are fascinating little pieces of equipment, for people interested in gelatin capsules and supplements, that is. They are what allow supplements to be produced in greater quantities and more efficiently. They reduce the risk of mislabeled supplements and medications and also reduce the risk of incorrect dosages. Here's how they work.

Have you ever seen scientists of television or in real life conducting DNA tests? The equipment they use is somewhat similar in appearance to a capsule machine. In DNA testing, liquid samples are poured into tiny containers on a sheet which contains spaces for each test sample. A long dropper is used, that kind of looks like a sophisticated turkey-baster, to fill each tiny vessel with the liquid.

How Capsule Machines Work

Capsule machines are similar. They have what are called encapsulating sheets, which are where you place the empty gel caps that you are going to fill. You then cover the sheet with your supplement, which fills the empty halves of the capsules. You wipe away the excess supplement with a spatula, and then tamp down the supplement in order to make sure it is totally filled. Then, you simple put the top half of the capsule on and, voila, your own home-made supplements.

These machines are becoming popular among people who want to make their own supplements at home. This way they know exactly what they're getting and can control the process at every step. It is also becoming a lucrative home-based business many entrepreneurs are discovering to be both profitable and fulfilling.

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