Capsule Manufacturers

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Capsule manufacturers are companies that produce and distribute empty gelatin capsules to supplement supply companies and other distributors. Some capsule manufacturers sell directly to large pharmaceutical companies that make and distribute medications and supplements. Other manufacturers deal more in the smaller side of the industry, namely self-employed supplement suppliers working from home.

The manufacturers who deal with large pharmaceutical companies often will not sell to smaller businesses as well. They deal only with extremely large orders that only major industry players require. Their minimum order amount is generally far too high for most home businesses and even mid sized companies.

Other capsule manufacturers cater to different clientele. They are geared more toward the self-employed and local distributors. Their order size requirements are much less than large scale manufacturers, so even very small businesses with only a few customers can order capsules without waste.

Capsule Manufacturers Online

A good capsule maker selling to small to mid sized businesses will most likely use web ordering as their primary sales tool. Their sales staff will be small and most interaction will be done online. For your own convenience, you will want to choose the manufacturer with the best website as your capsule supplier. Their site should be user friendly, easy to navigate, and offer several payment alternatives.

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