Capsule Market

Written by Seth Cotterell
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The capsule market is filled with many manufacturers, all clamoring for a piece of the natural supplement market. Some manufactures in the capsule market are very high quality, reputable companies, others are not. Researching a capsule maker will help you find the best supplier for your own small business.

Differentiating Suppliers

What really separates the best makers from the poor ones is selection. In the capsule market, choice is everything. The more choices a company offers, the better chances it has for success. A good company offers the widest range of capsule sizes along with a variety of colors and flavors.

Price is, of course, another primary distinguisher of capsule makers. Companies that have leveraged their buying power and are able to back that up with a highly trained, knowledgeable staff are best able to offer low cost capsule alternatives. Some companies specialize in dealing with small to mid sized businesses, and can offer you better rates than those that deal primarily with gigantic pharmaceutical companies.

Finally, remember that in the capsule market, there are two distinct groups to think about. The first group is the traditional capsule market, where gelatin capsules are the primary product. The second group consists of a growing population of vegetarians and other health enthusiasts who will not consume the animal derived gelatin. You can meet the needs of this group simply by ordering vegetarian capsules from your supplier.

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