Cheap Prescriptions

Written by Amy Hall
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Cheap prescriptions are finally a reality. American consumers have been bombarded with sky-high prescription drug prices for years, and without any type of health care reform in site, there are not many signs of improvement on the horizon. Pharmaceutical companies in the United States are able to charge hefty prices for drugs because the government does not intervene or place any restrictions on pricing.

As a result, consumers are finding it extremely challenging keeping up with the high cost of health care in general and prescription drugs in particular. Canadian pharmaceuticals are less expensive because the government does restrict how much they can charge for prescription medications. Furthermore, there is a wider array of generic drugs available in Canada, which makes prescription drug costs more affordable.

Cheaper prescriptions can be found online through Canadian pharmacies. You do not have to drive to Canada or live near the border in order to obtain prescription drugs at considerable savings. All you need is a computer and access to the Internet, and you will find a plethora of Canadian pharmacies vying for your business. Keep in mind that the lowest prices may have some hidden charges elsewhere. For example, a company that claims to provide free shipping and handling may have higher prices on their drugs. Likewise, a company that charges higher shipping may have lower prices.

Cheaper Prescriptions from Canada

There is no need to pay the high prices that American pharmaceutical companies charge. Canadian pharmaceuticals are of the same quality, yet the prices are drastically lower, sometimes as much as 80 percent. As you can see, ordering online is easy to do, convenient, and exceptionally cost effective.

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