Clear Capsules

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Clear capsules are by far the most common gelatin capsule produced by pharmaceutical companies. These are the standard empty capsules used by supplement distributors and home based supplement manufacturers. They can be ordered in small quantities for personal businesses or in wholesale amounts for larger suppliers.

When you go to order your capsules, think about how many you're really going to need. While it might sound like a good idea to order in bulk, do you really need 30,000 empty capsules sitting around? Over-ordering will most likely end in waste. Remember, if you are using the capsules for personal use or for limited sales to a few customers, many capsule suppliers are perfectly willing to ship in small quantities.

Capsule Specifications

In pharmaceutical terms, small numbers equate to large sizes. A gelatin capsule with a size under zero is considerably larger than a capsule with a size above zero. To put it another way, a size 00 is larger than a size one. This can be confusing for people ordering capsules for the first time. Ask your manufacturer's representative or consult their website for clarification if you are unsure.

In addition to size, content is also an important consideration. Most capsules are intended for powdered substances. They are meant to be filled with powdered herbal supplements or vitamins. Because the shell is meant to be dissolved inside the body, they are not meant for liquid substances. Do not fill your capsules with liquids unless you know for sure that the type you've purchased is intended for liquid use.

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