Cosmetic Puffs

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Cosmetic puffs are a perfect alternative to people with allergic reactions to 100 percent cotton balls. Cosmetic puffs are hypo-allergenic, and typically made from rayon or other similar synthetic fibers. Although they're not as ideal for first aid as 100 percent cotton balls, cosmetic puffs are perfect for daily household use. They're great for small household jobs, cosmetic application, and general baby care.

Uses for Cosmetic Puffs

Cosmetic puffs are very soft with no scratchy fibers. They are perfect for use on babies' sensitive skin. Very absorbent, they're excellent applicators for baby oil, baby lotion, sunscreens, diaper creams and ointments.

Cosmetic puffs are also handy beauty aids. Their absorbent fibers make them great for use with nail polish removers as well as cuticle creams. Cosmetic puffs are also good for makeup removal, loose powder application, or for applying petroleum jelly around the hairline during hair color touch ups to prevent skin staining.

They're also really handy around the house both for small cleaning projects and hobby or craft use. Soft and absorbent, they're excellent for polishing small pieces of silverware, jewelry and shoes. They're also great for cleaning tight areas, like the pocket behind bathroom and kitchen faucets, chrome fixtures, and getting in the delicate crevices of carved furniture pieces. Hobbyists can also use them for crafts, Christmas and other holiday decorations, and kids' projects.

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