Discount Medical And Prescription Drug Cards

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While discount medical and prescription drug cards are not insurance, they can provide you with many choices once you've selected a health care provider. The key to the card is that it saves you cash -- a good deal of cash. The deal gets even sweeter, because the more you use your card, the more you save. This means that whatever you choose to spend on benefit programs and drug prescriptions can easily exceed the cost of the card.

Discount cards are developed to provide you with an array of benefit programs, which are custom tailored to fit your needs. Many discount medical and prescription drug cards include up to 15 benefits in their plan. You will also have the added bonus of the benefits for dental, vision, hearing and others as well.

Services Provided by Discount Medical Cards

Besides the bonus of benefits, discount medical cards will allow you to access your medical records at any time. They can also provide you with a 24/7 nurse help line, which can save you doctors' visits, ER visits, or answer any medical questions and concerns you may have. Besides saving you money, discount medical and prescription drug cards will save you unwanted headaches.

What about legal services? With medical discount cards, you won't have to worry about overlooking legal services that you might need someday, while paying high attorneys' fees you can't afford. This is yet another benefit that will save you money, and help make informed legal decisions.

Discount Medical and Prescription Drug Cards: Doing The Math

Say you spend about $50 a month for prescription drug coverage, then your potential savings will easily exceed what you pay for a discount prescription drug card. On top of that, using the other benefits of these discount drug cards will help you save even more. Therefore, the more you use the cards, the higher your savings will be.

Discount medical and prescription drug cards will help you save money on hospital visits, dental visits, physician referrals, and prescription drug plans. You can also save on chiropractic work, vision, hearing, podiatry, mail order vitamins, home medical, legal and financial services. More importantly, these discount plans will provide you with emergency travel and a reliable medical information hotline.

Who Needs Discount Medical and Prescription Drug Cards?

Discount medical and prescription drug cards aid millions of people, helping them maximize the benefits of their plan. So, who are recipients of these discount cards? Well, just about anyone without adequate health and prescription insurance; this includes singles, families and seniors whose Medicare doesn't cover everything.

If you're an employer, prescription drug cards can be a practical solution for your employees' health coverage needs. Many companies have their employees under a universal group insurance plan that incorporates discount prescription drug cards. It's a great way to save money, while insuring your workers get optimum health coverage and benefits.

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