Drug Prescription Questions

Written by Tara Peris
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Drug prescription questions should be directed to your PCP or pharmacist. The pharmacist is the drug expert and your PCP writes the prescriptions. However, in every case no one is in a better position to address your concerns that someone with a detailed knowledge of your medical history.

Let's be clear--your health is not a place to take shortcuts. Wacky online remedies and anecdotal advice should be dismissed without a second thought. The same goes for advice from that medical student you know or that chiropractor who used to treat your back injuries. Although certainly well meaning, this assistance is no substitute for an experienced specialist.

Reliable Answers to Your Drug Prescription Questions

When it comes to drug prescription questions, you must take the time to get accurate information from a health care professional specifically trained in pharmacology. Moreover, it is imperative that this person have working knowledge of your medical history. This is essential for anticipating drug interactions and in curbing side effects, and also for helping to address additional drug prescription questions that may arise.

Even the most complicated HMO networks provide patients with methods for contacting their PCPs directly. Expect to leave a voicemail message, but know that the advice you ultimately receive will be the most accurate and well-informed. A pharmacist can help during the interim, but it is crucial to maintain the dialogue with your primary doctor.

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