Electronic Prescription Providers

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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ePrescribing is in its infancy in the sense that there are few providers of note using this new medical technology. Those who have entered the field are pioneers who are updating the medical profession to bring it into the 21st century. Ironically, this advanced digital technology is commonplace in other types of businesses, but medical institutions have lagged behind.

Reasons for this delay in implementing electronic improvements include cost of setup and unfamiliarity with the electronic instruments used in the systems. Both of these hindrances are being addressed in various ways, with electronic prescription providers bringing innovative plans and devices to prescription writing. Excellent systems are now in place and are being used to reduce medical errors by progressive institutions.

ePrescribing Providers at Work

What exactly do providers bring to physicians, pharmacists, and patients that enable them to have more confidence in the accuracy of prescriptions? A digital infrastructure enables real time communication among these three parties to the benefit of all. Delays that result from finding a prescription pad and pen, then handwriting the prescription, then having the patient deliver it to the pharmacist--these unnecessary steps are eliminated.

Through electronic technology, and integrated web and personal digital assistant (PDA) connections, this infrastructure creates near-instant transmittal of information from physician to printer or pharmacist. Because many steps are automated, the possibility of a misread formulary or prescription lettering is eradicated. Fast and efficient, these electronic systems improve service markedly in the medical professions.

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