Empty Capsules

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Companies specializing in supplements manufacturing have many choices when it comes to empty capsules. Depending on the type of supplement manufacturing business you run, there are various sizes and colors of empty capsules you can use in your production. Home based manufacturers and larger distributors all need these in their production processes, and that has led to considerable growth in the capsule industry.

Variety in Empty Capsules

The first thing to understand is that empty capsules come in a wide range of sizes. Depending on the supplement you are manufacturing and the dosage it requires, you'll need to specify the size you require to the capsule manufacturer in your order. It is important to note that in the pharmaceutical world, smaller numbers mean bigger sizes. This means that a size 0 capsule is actually larger than a size 4.

Not only do capsules come in a variety of sizes, but also in a range of colors. Cap color and body color of your capsules is important. Sometimes they differ, other times they are the same. Capsule colors can be clear, red, blue, orange, green, or any number of colors the distributor keeps in stock.

Many consumers in the supplements market have special dietary restrictions. If you are a home based supplements supplier, it is a good idea to clarify your clients' requirements to avoid complications. Standard capsules are made of gelatin, a by-product of animals. Gelatin can be derived from sources like horse hooves and cow skin. If the consumer of your product is vegetarian, this will definitely have an impact on their choice. You will need to provide them with vegetarian capsules, which are readily available.

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