Empty Vegetarian Capsules

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Empty vegetarian capsules are becoming a common substitute for traditional gelatin capsules produced by capsule manufacturers. Made from cellulose derived from seaweed rather than gelatin derived from animals, vegetarian capsules are a popular alternative in the all natural supplement industry. They have no taste of their own, but flavored capsules are available for those wanting to put a little variety into their supplement regime.

Empty vegetarian capsules come in a wide range of sizes, though not quite as many as standard gelatin capsules. I have seen vegetarian capsules ranging in size from 00 to size three. They can also be found in different colors like red, yellow, and green for even greater variety.

Filling Your Empty Vegetarian Capsules

In addition to the empty vegetarian capsules, personal supplement makers will also need a capsule filling machine in order to efficiently produce their product. Capsule filling machines allow users to fill several hundred to several thousand empty capsules an hour, depending on your needs and the capsule filler you use.

Place the empty capsules upright in the tray, then pour the powdered supplement over the entire tray. You can use a tamping tool if you desire to get more supplement into your capsule. Dust off the remaining supplement from the tray and place the cap on your now filled capsule. The process is remarkably simple and with vegetarian capsules, everyone can enjoy the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle with all natural supplements as part of one's daily routine.

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