Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Genital herpes is an uncomfortable topic for many people, and the secretive and embarrassing nature of the subject makes it rife with misinformation. Surprisingly, a very large number of adults have genital herpes, though the majority of these people may never have had an outbreak, and might not even know they have the virus. For those who are aware they have herpes, and who suffer from uncomfortable outbreaks, a genital herpes treatment like Famvir can do wonders for their physical, emotional and mental comfort.

Famvir for Treatment and for Suppression

The herpes virus takes hold differently in different peoples' bodies. Some folks never even realize they have herpes, because they never have an outbreak, though they can still spread the virus when they are "shedding." Other folks suffer a herpes outbreak only very rarely, for example, once every several years, while others suffer from near constant outbreaks.

Famvir helps different herpes sufferers in different ways. For those people who suffer only occasional outbreaks, doctors will prescribe Famvir episodically, ie, on an "as needed" basis. For people with very frequent outbreaks, doctors will often prescribe them Famvir as suppressive treatment, ie, every single day whether they have an outbreak or not.

How Does Famvir Help?

Herpes treatments generally help in two ways. First, herpes medications will ease the severity of the outbreak symptoms, reducing the burning and itching. Second, these drugs reduce the overall duration of the outbreak, so that the outbreak lasts a much shorter time then it would if left untreated.

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