Gel Caps

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Gel caps are those tiny little two piece shells used as delivery systems for various medications and supplements. They begin life empty and are then filled with the appropriate supplement or medication. Filling machines are needed in order to get the right dosage into the shell.

Gel caps, short for gelatin capsules, are familiar to most Americans today. They are the primary means through which supplements and medications are consumed. Aspirin, antibiotics, vitamins, and other health supplements are all ingested in capsule form. They are the most convenient delivery system available. For most people, gel caps go down easier than regular pills, even though they may be a bit larger.

One reason gel caps have become so popular in the health care industry is that they ensure consistent and accurate dosage. Filling machines fill individual capsules with a precise and exact amount, taking the guess work out of taking supplements and medications. There is no measuring, spilling, or wasting, and patients always know exactly how much medication they are getting.

Composition of Gel Caps

Gel caps are made of gelatin. As most people know, gelatin is derived from animals. In the past, many people with certain religious convictions or restricted diets could not take gelatin capsules. Today, that is no longer true. Vegetarian capsule alternatives are widely available and come in a wide range of sizes in order to accommodate the needs of those with dietary restrictions.

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