Gel Pills

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Gel pills are what vitamins, supplements, and medications are housed in. They are empty shells that are filled with various substances for consumption by the consumer. They are either sold already filled, like the pills you buy at the pharmacy, or empty for people who make their own supplements.

The do it yourself supplement market has increased over the years due to the increased availability of gel pills and the decrease in order quantity restrictions. Instead of marketing only to gigantic pharmaceutical companies, gel pill makers are discovering a healthy market of health conscious individuals and home based business owners who are eager to purchase empty capsules. The boom in the personal health and fitness market indicates that this is a trend that will only continue to grow.

Allowing individuals and businesses to order pills in small quantities is what has allowed many people to take advantage of the health benefits of personal supplements. They simply order the empty capsules from the manufacturer and fill it with the powdered supplement of their choice. Some people do this for personal reasons, others turn around and sell their homemade supplements to others. Either way, a capsule filling machine will be needed.

Gel Pills for Vegetarians

Vegetarians out there should take note, gel pills are usually made from gelatin. Gelatin is the same stuff that gives Jell-o its unique properties and it is an animal product. Gelatin can either be made from the bones, tendons, or skin of animals. Old Bessie can breathe a sigh of relief, though, because alternative pills do exist, made from non-animal products and they are usually no more expensive than standard gel pills.

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