Gelatin Capsules

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Who in America has never seen gelatin capsules? I would wager that nearly every American citizen is familiar with these capsules, though you may not know it. Gelatin capsules are the empty shells in which medications and supplements are filled. Every time you take a pill, a medication, supplement, or vitamin, you are taking a gelatin capsule.

Corporate vs. Independent Gelatin Capsules

For many people, a trip to their local pharmacy or supermarket is all that is involved in getting their gelatin capsules. They simply pick up a brand name or generic bottle of medicine or supplement pills for use later on. The pills they buy are often produced by large pharmaceutical companies and distributed nationwide.

Other consumers prefer not to buy from these gigantic corporations and instead elect to purchase their pills from local vendors or direct from the Internet. There are many independently run companies that specialize in personal supplement distribution. These companies order empty gelatin capsules from vendors, then when their customers place an order, they fill the capsules with whatever supplement the customer desires.

This type of direct purchase buying is often used by people in the all natural supplement market. Rather than buying chemical supplements from large corporations, many health conscious individuals prefer to order only all natural supplements from a trusted vendor. They know that their capsules will be filled with all natural ingredients and with special attention to their needs as an individual.

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