Generic Pravachol

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Generic Pravachol is also known as Pravastatin. The generic and the name-brand drug are identical in quality and safety. The only differences are in the name and the price. Generic Pravachol, or Pravastatin, has a cheaper price than name-brand Pravachol.

This makes it more attractive to cost-conscious consumers who need to save their money without sacrificing quality. Some people, of course, opt for the name-brand drug over the generic for purely psychological reasons. In reality, though, there is really no difference in the drugs, or how they'll work in your body.

How To Find the Lowest Priced Generic Pravachol

Generic Pravachol is prescribed to patients suffering from high cholestrerol levels. The drug blocks the production of cholesterol in the blood, as well as reduce the amounts of "bad," or LDL cholesterol already present in the blood. It also reduces triglycerides, apolipoprotein B, and overall cholesterol levels.

This drug is obviously crucial to the health of individuals battling high cholesterol, but unfortunately, its price is often higher than it should be. You can avoid any financial hardship, though, by purchasing your Pravachol through Canadian internet pharmacies. Pravachol prices in Canada are notably low and, if you purchase from a reputable online pharmacy, you will receive the exact same high quality drug your doctor prescribed.

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