Genital Herpes Treatment

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Although one in five Americans has genital herpes, only ten percent of them are aware of it. It's hard to believe that nine out of ten people with genital herpes is not aware they have the virus, until you consider the powerful sway of denial. How many people wonder about those little cuts that don't go away, worry about those tiny blisters, feel a sense that something just isn't right with their bodies, yet ignore the problem and pretend it's just not there?

Genital Herpes Treatment Can Help

It's too bad that genital herpes is such an uncomfortable, scary topic for so many people. Ignoring the problem and refusing to talk about it often leads to infecting others with the virus, for one thing. And for another, so many people would be given so much physical and emotional comfort by seeking out a genital herpes treatment.

A genital herpes treatment such as Famvir medication can help enormously. Famvir not only greatly reduces the intensity of the symptoms of herpes, like burning, itching and tingling, but also greatly reduces the duration of the outbreak. In other words, a genital herpes treatment will make your outbreak much shorter, and much more comfortable.

Finding Your Genital Herpes Treatment Online

The best place to find prescription drugs of all kinds, including herpes drugs, is online. You will not only find greatly discounted drugs, but can have them shipped to your home overnight. Since you can save both money and time by buying your medications online, why would you choose to do it any other way?

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