Genteal Eye Drops

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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GenTeal eye drops are the only liquid tears product on the market which contain a safe preservative when in the bottle, but becomes preservative-free the second it hits the eye. All opthamalic drug formulas contain preservatives to keep the medication pure and effective. But many people find these preservatives to be irritating to already compromised eyes. As a response to this, Novartis Opthalmics--one of the leaders in opthamalogical treatment--created the GenTeal product line to gently and comfortably treat dry eyes.

How GenTeal Eye Drops Work

GenTeal eye drops and gels work as they do thanks to sodium perborate. This chemical is placed in the solution, and immediately combines with the water to create a low level hydrogen peroxide. Once dropped into the eye, however, the hydrogen peroxide meets the naturally occurring enzymes in the eye and transforms again into simple water and oxygen. The oxygen evaporates off the eye, the water is absorbed into the tear duct, and all that's left on the eye is the active ingredient (hypromellose) which immediately goes to work to moisturize the dry eye.

GenTeal eye drops and gels are widely recommended by vision experts. Several non-commercial websites have individual doctors listing their specific product recommendations for particular conditions. Doctors recommend GenTeal eye drops because of their preservative-in-the bottle/preservative-free-in-the-eye formula. GenTeal eye gels are recommended because, since they are less thick, they don't blur vision like other gels and ointments on the market.

It's important when using GenTeal drops and gels to keep the applicator tip completely sterile. Always keep it tightly closed when not in use, and make sure that the tip never touches anything--not your eyes, your skin, or any countertop--lest its sterility be compromised. GenTeal does make individual packets of gel products so this sterility problem isn't an issue, but no such packaging yet exists for the eye drops.

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