Ginko Biloba Extracts

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Ginko biloba extracts are derived from the leaves of the oldest tree species in the world. Ginko biloba has been used in Chinese medicine as a memory enhancer for over 3,000 years. In addition to that reputation, ginko biloba is also believed to boost female libido, improve mental clarity in menopausal women, inhibit extreme motion sickness, and have anti-depressant powers.

Although hundreds, even thousands, of clinical trials have been performed, no one is yet sure exactly how ginko biloba extracts work. However, it is theorized that it improves circulation at the brain, and charges up the chemicals that transmit signals to the nerve cells. In any event, many people swear by it as a valuable ally in the fight against memory loss and lack of concentration.

Recommended Delivery and Dosage of Ginko Biloba Extracts

Ginko biloba in capsule form is probably the easiest way to take this ancient herb. When reading the label, check for a guaranteed standardized extract of 24 percent so that you know exactly how much of the extract is contained in each pill. Also look for capsules with a dosage strength of 40, 60, or 80 mg.

Ginko biloba extracts appear to be extremely safe to use, even over long periods of time. In terms of frequency, ginko biloba extracts leave the body fairly quickly, so you'll probably need to take it three times a day. Also, it takes about six to eight weeks on average for people to really notice a difference. Ginko biloba is safe taken in combination with anti-depressants. However, if you are taking anti-coagulant medications, you should speak to your doctor before taking ginko biloba extracts.

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