Hard Gelatin Capsules

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Hard gelatin capsules are an essential ingredient in the personal supplement manufacturing world. They are what allow individuals to produce their own supplements, from the comfort and convenience of home. Home based supplement making is a popular alternative to buying expensive supplements from nutrition stores or large pharmaceutical companies.

Making Your Own Supplements with Hard Gelatin Capsules

If you've never produced your own supplements before, here is how it works. First, order empty gelatin capsules from a capsule manufacturer. You can order them directly from the Internet at very reasonable rates. If you're unsure what capsules you want, try some free samples. This will allow you to test different sizes, colors, and flavors.

Next, fill the capsules with the desired powdered supplement. You can do this in many ways, but the easiest is with a capsule filling machine. The same company you order the gelatin capsules from should be able to provide you with a capsule filler to suit your needs. Simply spread the powdered supplement over the tray of the machine, filling the empty shells. Dust off the excess supplement and replace the other half of the capsule. The supplement is now ready for consumption.

While the process of supplement making itself is quite simple, please make sure to know what you're doing before you start producing supplements for sale. Different supplements require different dosages, and you'll want to know the properties and specifications of the supplement before you start taking it or selling it to your friends. Knowing the proper dosages will also help you know what size capsules you'll want to order.

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