Herbal Supplements

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Herbal supplements were around long before modern prescription medicines. Many old folklore remedies have been verified by recent studies to have beneficial effects for specific ailments. Many minor illnesses may be safely treated at home with herbal supplements.

There are many over the counter, pre-packaged herbal supplements available from trusted online sources. There are sleeping aids, memory enhancers, cold remedies, natural antioxidants, and more. Though most over-the-counter herbal supplements are considered safe, you should always talk to your doctor before starting any new treatment program. Also, check that ingredients and recommended dosages are clearly listed.

Examples of Uses for Herbal Supplements
Though some herbal remedies are good for overall health, many are also very well known for treating specific conditions. Valerian, for instance--with its strong, distinctive odor--is reputed to be an effective sleeping aid. Black cohosh may relieve menopausal symptoms, while saw palmetto is said to be good for prostate health.

Cranberry extract is well known for maintaining urinary tract and kidney health. Though cranberry juice (not cocktail) is recommended as well, if you don't like the juice enough to drink a couple of quarts a day, cranberry extract supplements may be a better option. It is also reputed to have a deodorizing effect on urine. And when taken in conjunction with antibiotics, it may help reduce the pain and duration of painful urinary tract infections.

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