Knee Braces

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Knee braces are best purchased online. Knee braces today come in an exceptionally wide variety of therapeutic designs, sizes, closure systems, and fabrics (waterproof or otherwise). Knee brace designs are specific to sprain rehabilitation, general injury prevention, or arthritis relief. Local drugstores simply don't have the shelf space for every trusted manufacturer's entire stock. Online sources allow you the widest possible product variety so that you can find the perfect brace for your particular knee condition.

Regardless of manufacturer, most every knee brace made has one thing in common: it is designed to help support weakened muscles, tendons and ligaments. This can be crucial in preventing re-injury. Even the most basic knee braces are designed to match leg contours for minimum risk of bunching or slipping.

Design Features of Knee Braces

There are literally dozens of features that can be found in addition to this basic design. Knee braces can come with metal stabilizers to provide additional lateral support and superior slippage protection. You have a choice of a closed patella (solid fabric around the knee) or one featuring an open patella, which exposes the kneecap and adds stability.

There is wide variety as well in fabric types. There are waterproof braces and those that help retain body heat for improved circulation. There are seamless knee braces to help reduce irritation and provide even compression against swelling. Plus, all of these can come with various levels of padding to protect against hard contact.

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