Makeup Removers

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Makeup removers are available in every form you can imagine: liquid, soap, cream, infused cloth, gel, or toner. But whichever delivery system you like best, just be sure to use it every night. Though there are no scientific studies available to confirm the rumor that every night you sleep in makeup it ages your skin a week, do you really want to chance it? So, the best makeup remover is the one you'll actually use. However, as you search for your perfect product, here are some basic tips for makeup removers to keep in mind.

What to Look for, and What to Avoid in Makeup Removers

First and foremost, what you want is something that lets you clean gently without tugging and pulling at the skin. Creamy makeup removers work very well, because they moisturize as they loosen dirt and makeup, so you don't have to "scrub" to get the makeup off. If you actually see the skin "moving" or being pulled, you're working too hard, and the product isn't working enough.

Products that let you use your hands, rather than some special tool, are also superior. The hands are much gentler than fabric or paper cloths, or worse, those hard scrubbers. Some companies will say you need those rough edged tools to clean your skin. You don't. The strongest scrubbing action you need against your face on a day-to-day basis is a super-soft washcloth. Skin is delicate. You can tear it on a microscopic layer with harsh abrasive surfaces. If you must use exfoliants, use only natural ones like apricot kernel or sugar/salt scrubs--and even then only once a week. Don't just avoid harsh synthetic tools, throw them out. You'll save yourself hundreds of dollars in creams down the road to repair the damage they do every time you use them.

And here's a news flash--those makeup remover "cloths" are horrible for your skin. First of all, they're not cloth. They're paper. Paper comes from wood. Wood comes from trees. Paper is drying. Wood is irritating. Over the long run you're really doing damage to your skin using those products. However, for once in a while usage, they're great--like after a Halloween or costume party, or if you're an actor needing to remove heavy stage makeup.

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