Medication Advice

Written by Tara Peris
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Medication advice should only be obtained from qualified medical professionals. Although seemingly straightforward, this can be more complicated than one might think. In order to ensure health and safety, it is important to review a person's qualifications prior to seeking medical advice. The consequences of seeking care from the wrong person are simply too great to take chances.

These days, any number of people are quick to offer medication advice. From anecdotal accounts from friends and family to suggestions from that nursing student you know, it can be hard to determine which medication advice to follow. The matter can be simplified by following one simple rule.

The Importance of Professional Medication Advice

You should only take medication advice from trained health care professionals. It does not matter whether a certain medicine or treatment practice worked for a friend--the unique needs of each patient require personalized prescription drug recommendations. Only take advice from someone qualified to give it.

Clearly, it is best to begin with a physician in your health care network. Alternately, you might consider consulting a pharmacist whom you trust. As always, it is critical that you conduct a thorough review of professional credentials.

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