Norco Pain Medicine

Written by Amy Hall
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Norco pain medicine is in a class of drugs called narcotic analgesics. Norco is a serious pain medication that requires doctor supervision due to its addictive capabilities. It is possible for patients who take Norco to become both physically and psychologically dependent on this medication. Patients who take Norco pain medication must not abruptly stop taking it, as the withdrawal symptoms can be highly unpleasant.

Norco contains acetaminophen, which helps increase the strength of the hydrocodone. It has been suggested that acetaminophen can be damaging to the liver when combined with alcohol, so anyone taking Norco pain medicine should refrain from drinking. Furthermore, Norco can cause drowsiness on its own, but when combined with alcohol, the effect is exaggerated. People taking Norco should be careful about driving a vehicle or operating machinery, until they know how it affects them.

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