Orange Flavor Capsules

Written by Seth Cotterell
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I'll start out by acknowledging that this is a completely opinion based statement and should in no way influence your own decision making process, but of all the capsules out there, I think orange flavor capsules are the best. Mint comes in at a close second, but orange is definitely my favorite. Bananas are actually my favorite fruit, but banana flavored things always taste a little bit funny.

Awesome Orange Flavor Capsules

I think orange flavor capsules are the best because they taste closer to the real thing than any other flavored capsule. Flavoring often tastes medicine-like or artificial (my major problem with cherry flavored items) but not so with orange. Orange flavor products taste remarkably similar to actual oranges, and they don't have that artificial, want to be orange taste so many other flavored products have.

Perhaps one of the best things about orange flavor capsules is their color. It might sound kind of silly, but colored capsules do make a big difference in the daily routines of regular supplement takers. After a while, taking the same old supplement day in and day out gets boring. One way to ensure customers stick with your product is to add a little variety into the mix. You can do this by infusing your supplement lines with color. Orange is both exciting and reassuring. It's a fun color and it connotes health and goodness.

As with all flavored capsules, orange flavor ones generally come in fewer sizes than standard capsules. Orange capsules are more middle of the road sizes, not too big and not too small. If your supplement program requirements extremely small sizes like three or four, you'll probably have to stick with regular clear capsules, unless you want to measure the supplement into a size four, then pour it into an orange flavor capsule. This gets tricky, though, and I do not recommend playing around with dosages. Stick to the appropriate capsule size for your supplement.

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