Ostomy Supplies

Written by Serena Berger
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After your surgery, adjusting to living with the ostomy equipment may take some time. Part of this adjustment is finding out what ostomy supplies you will need to purchase and where you can purchase them. While the hospital may have used one brand, there are other manufacturers and suppliers from which you can purchase these products.

Based on your own unique situation, you should consult your ostomy nurse or physician so that they can give you their advice. In trying out equipment from different manufacturers, you may be able to obtain samples either directly from them or from your physician. This can make trying different products substantially easier and less costly. Some of the suppliers may even have medical staff that can answer questions specific to your case.

Where to Buy Ostomy Supplies

There are three main outlets through which you can purchase ostomy supplies. First, you can look at medical and surgical supply stores. These operations specialize in selling medical equipment, and some might focus on ostomy products. If that is the case, they are likely to have additional resources, such as nurses available to help you or literature with product recommendations. You can also look at mail-order or internet companies that operate at the national level. These are likely to be the most convenient way of purchasing ostomy supplies, but they may not have the resources of a medical supply store.

Lastly, you may be able to purchase ostomy supplies from your local pharmacy. Some pharmacies may even have an ostomy specialist on staff who can directly answer any questions that you might have about products. Prices for products may be slightly higher at a pharmacy because they purchase a smaller volume, but the convenience and access to a specialist may be worth the additional cost.

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