Patient Drug Management

Written by Tara Peris
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Effective patient drug management requires a team of well-trained individuals. Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists are all critical in ensuring appropriate patient education and medication management practices. Critically, the patient himself is perhaps the most important member of the drug management team, as adherence to medical recommendations drives successful recovery.

The best patient drug management draws on the skills of several different professionals. From a comprehensive medical history obtained from the nurse to accurate diagnosis provided by the doctor, the selection and management of effective medicines is no simple matter. In order for patient drug management to be effective, each person must do his or her part.

Your Role in Patient Drug Management

No one is more important in this endeavor than the patient himself. Typically, we view the patient as the centerpiece of treatment because he is the person to shoulder the burden of illness. However, patients are pivotal members of the treatment team, and clearly, their involvement is central to success.

Patient drug management requires that each individual patient receive adequate education. This includes a discussion of the nature of the illness, its etiology, and what will be involved in prescription drug treatment. When patients are well-informed, they are in the best position to contribute to successful medication management.

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