Pharmaceutical Samples

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Individuals considering starting their own home based supplement manufacturing and supply companies should think about first acquiring some pharmaceutical samples. This will give a good idea what different kinds of products exist for distribution from home based businesses. It will also give you a chance to sample some of the products and determine which ones will be the best sellers.

Most makers of empty gelatin capsules are perfectly willing to send you free samples of their products. You should be able to order free samples of any size capsule you desire, and in any flavor or color. This gives you a chance to inspect them before you order large quantities for use in your own supplement manufacturing process. If a company does not allow to sample before buying, taking your business elsewhere can be the best way to go.

It only makes sense for these companies to want to send you free samples. After all, the more familiar you are with their products, the more familiar your customers will be. They want you to become experts in their products and continue to use them with your customers. The better they take care of you, the better you can take care of your customers. If your customers are happy, they'll continue to buy from you. You, in turn, will continue to buy from the capsule manufacturer, and everybody wins.

Shipping Pharmaceutical Samples

Remember when you order free pharmaceutical samples that while the capsules themselves are free for your inspection, shipping most likely is not. There will probably be a minimal shipping and handling fee assessed to send the product samples to you. The fee should be small, though, not more than a few dollars.

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