Pharmacy Choices

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Electronic prescribing greatly enhances the accurate, swift communication between prescriber and pharmacist. Digital systems immediately transmit a legible prescription to the patient's pharmacy of choice, thereby saving time for all parties. Physicians do not have to write a prescription, pharmacists can easily read the prescription, and patients can probably pick up their prescription in the time it takes to drive to the pharmacy.

Benefits for Patients

Aside from the time-saving aspects of ePrescribing, the system also permits prescriptions to be submitted to any one of tens of thousands of pharmacies. Patients can indicate their preference, and the prescription is sent electronically to their selected pharmacy with no delay. With plenty of lead time, pharmacists should have the patient's prescription ready so the patient does not have to stand in line.

This efficient system is already in place and ready to serve physicians, pharmacists, and patients. Increasingly, medical providers are signing up for these prescription services in order to save time and money, and to protect patient safety. With the unacceptably high rate of errors caused by handwritten prescriptions, patients have a vested interest in receiving medical services from providers who use ePrescribing.

The number of prescriptions increases every year. For one thing, pharmaceuticals are generally beneficial, and they are often lower-cost alternatives to hospitalization or surgery. Another reason for increasing numbers of prescriptions is that more patients, often elderly, are taking multiple medications. Electronic prescribing ensures that patients receive the intended medication in the correct dosage at the pharmacy of their choice.

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