Pharmacy Products

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Pharmacy products are not only easily bought online, they are better bought online. Brick and mortar drugstores simply cannot compete with online pharmacies in terms of selection, variety, and quite often, price. Plus, with shipping available directly to your door, and often as soon as the very next day, buying pharmacy products online is also considerably more convenient.

For helpful but ideally private products, trusted online pharmacies are much more discreet. While we are all grateful that we can walk in and just grab incontinence products, appetite suppressants, feminine hygiene products and the like, they're still not purchases most of us want to advertise. Buying pharmacy products online allows us all to mind our business with a little more privacy.

When you're having to deal with a serious home-health care situation, like taking care of a loved one who is ill, or when you're ill yourself, not having to leave the house to buy much needed pharmacy products like urinary catheters, bedside commodes, air filtration systems or patient gowns can actually translate into genuine peace of mind.

Pharmacy Products for Beauty and Health

Pharmacy products for health and beauty are also easily purchased through trusted online pharmacies. Beyond just lipstick and mascara, every "beauty" product you can think of can be found from trusted online pharmacies. This includes everything from eucalyptus oil for a refreshing spa bath at home, to scented candles that create the aromatherapy environment you find most relaxing.

Vitamin and mineral supplements, as well, are great to purchase from online pharmacies. Most online pharmacies have much wider, deeper, bigger "aisles", if you will, than typical brick and mortar drugstores. Most drugstores will feature one or two varieties of, say, gingko biloba. Online pharmacies may feature 20 or more varieties, allowing you to purchase from the nutritional company you like best, or perhaps find the product that's mixed with redclover or black cohosh, just the way you like it. Similarly, many "real" drugstores will try to meet consumer demand for saw palmetto, for example, by choosing one multi-vitamin product that contains the ingredient. Really good online pharmacies will carry not only that product, but also multiple bottles of the individual herb, so you can choose quantity and product strength.

Orthopedic devices, too, like knee braces or surgical stockings are typically made by multiple manufacturers with widely varying product lines. Few, if any, regular drugstores could possibly carry even a fraction of the wide variety available. But many online pharmacies actually carry entire product lines of multiple manufacturers affording you the opportunity to find the perfect product that meets your specific need.

How to Know Where to Buy Pharmacy Products Online

The most important thing to look for in an online pharmacy is a proven track record. The best case scenario is an actual pharmacy that's been in business for decades that has added an online division to its many services. This means, for medical purchases specifically, that there's an informed voice on the other end of the email or phone line that can answer your questions about which product type or product manufacturer is best for you. Plus, if they're smart, they'll know that you'll want to read labels online just like you can in the store. Really good online pharmacies will have taken the time to enter the information found on the back of the labels so you can read it as easily at home as you could standing there with your shopping cart.

The next thing to look for is a broad category base of products. In a perfect world, your online pharmacy would carry not only beauty products, baby products, and pretty little things like candles and such, but also hard medical products. Nothing can soften the arrival of menopausal supplements, bed safety rails and a bath and shower seat like getting a new face mask you've been reading about and that nice bubble bath all in the same package. Plus, really great online sources will make you feel like you've walked in to a real old-fashioned apothecary shop, with cool, hard to find pharmacy products. It's this combination of true modern convenience, good old-fashioned service, exotic and unusual remedies side by side with the latest medical breakthroughs, that makes buying pharmacy products online both practical and fun. All you'll miss is the soda fountain.

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