Pill Reminders

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Pill reminders are nearly indispensable for people that have to take multiple medications daily, or for those that have varying daily schedules which can make it easy to overlook or forget pill taking. Pill reminders come in many varieties, making it easy to find one specific to any one's needs. They also come in multiple shapes and sizes, with many specific design features.

Types of Pill Reminders

The most common pill reminder is a plastic seven-day medicine case. Other varieties are a single day pill reminder, or the eight day reminder case. Pill cases are usually rectangular, but there are some octagonal designs with individual day of the week lids that provide better protection against accidental spillage. Most pill case reminders feature large, easy to read days of the week on the lids. Some also have days of the week written in braille.

Other features include translucent lids making it easy to check if pills have been taken without having to actually open the case. Pill reminders may also have specific AM and PM compartments. There are also cases with locking closures which are easy to operate for adults, but provide basic security against little fingers or accidental opening in a purse, suitcase or briefcase.

Although most pill cases operate pretty much today as they have since the invention of plastic, there are some that are pretty futuristic. Alarm capable pill reminders will usually run you between 20 and 35 dollars, as opposed to the two to five bucks a regular pill reminder will set you back. However, if missing pills is potentially life threatening, or if you just have a habit of forgetting, the extra expense could be completely justified.

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