Powder Capsules

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Powder capsules are the standard delivery method for supplements. Supplement distributors purchase empty capsules from a vendor, then fill the capsule with the desired supplement before they distribute it to their customers. They use professional filling machines in order to guarantee the right amount of the right supplement ends up in the capsules they sell.

Powder capsules are usually made of gelatin. Gelatin has been used in the pharmaceutical industry for a very long time and has been proven safe for consumption by humans. There are no adverse effects of gelatin, which is the reason it has become the primary material in capsule manufacture. Gelatin capsules can be either clear or come in a range of colors.

Alternatives to Gelatin Powder Capsules

Though it is safe, not all supplement takers will ingest gelatin capsules. Gelatin is made from animals so vegetarians, vegans, and others with religious or dietary restrictions will not put it into their bodies. For these customers, vegetable capsules are a great alternative. These capsules are not derived from animals in any way.

It is important to remember that powder capsules are intended for powdered substances only. Do not attempt to fill them with liquids of any kind. Only powdered supplements are suitable for powder capsules. They are designed to break down in the body when they contact liquid, so filling them with a liquid supplement will begin that process, to the detriment of your product.

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