Prescription Companies

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Companies that provide electronic prescribing services to medical professionals and institutions are already aware of the potential of their systems to revolutionize the practical aspects of medical practices. Future technology will be more sophisticated--and user-friendly--as it offers more functions for the clinician. Present features of digital systems offered by electronic prescription companies already provide superior access to information about patients and drugs.

The problem with the medical field and technology is not the level of the technology, but its implementation on a nationwide basis. Physicians have cited cost as the primary roadblock to wider acceptance and use of electronic infrastructures, and in an effort to mitigate this factor, the Department of Health and Human Services (HSS) has established an "Electronic Prescribing Program." Aside from mandating standards for electronic prescribing systems, this program offers financial incentives, grants, and non-monetary remuneration to encourage the installation of ePrescribing setups throughout the nation.

Financial Incentives for Physicians

For physicians who participate in the Medicare electronic prescribing program, the law permits separate incentive payments that take into consideration the costs of fulfilling the requirements of the program. These payments may be increased for those physicians who significantly increase compliance with formulary standards, use of generics, reductions in adverse drug reactions, and reductions in administrative costs due to more efficient filling of prescriptions. These specific payouts are obviously intended to remove financial considerations from preventing the spread of ePrescribing.

With the weight of the federal government thrown behind this advanced technology, ePrescribing will undoubtedly move from Medicare practices to become the measure of prescription services throughout the medical field. Grim statistics regarding medication errors and adverse drug events have alarmed health organizations across the country. Now, the government has mandated change to protect patient safety.

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