Prescription Drug Casodex

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Prescription drug Casodex is the brand name for the drug whose generic name is Bicalutamide. Bicalutamide, or Casodex, is a popular medication for the treatment of prostate cancer. This drug works by acting as an inhibitor of androgens, or male hormones.

Prescription drug Casodex is obviously a crucial, life-saving drug for thousands of men suffering from prostate cancer. If your doctor prescribes Casodex for you, you know how important it is to begin treatment with this drug. What happens, however, if the cost of Casodex is too much for you to afford? Then what do you do?

Buy Prescription Drug Casodex Online and Take a Load Off Your Mind

It's a horrible fact, but when it comes to prescription drugs, many people find themselves in this nightmare situation every day. The cost of these vital medications has skyrocketed in America, forcing many people to make tough choices--choices no one should have to make--regarding their health care. More and more, you hear shameful stories about low-income, elderly people cutting down on their meals, their heat or electricity, in order to be able to pay for the medication so necessary to their survival.

Luckily, the tide has started to turn. With the popularity of the internet has come the heydey of discount online prescription drugs. Since Canadian prescription medication is, as a rule, much cheaper than American drugs, many American consumers are turning to Canadian online pharmacies for their prescription drug Casodex, as well as other medications. This is a completely legal and regulated business which can save you a lot of money and worry in your ongoing battle with prostate cancer.

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