Prescription Drug Information

Written by Tara Peris
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There is a host of prescription drug information available these days. Yet, many patients remain challenged by the daunting task of finding and deciphering it. Indeed, it is often difficult to determine what specifically one should know about a given prescription drug. There are some basic facts that any medication resource should elucidate carefully.

What can you expect to find when looking for prescription drug information? The answer depends, in part, on your source. Many online sites offer testimonials or first-person accounts of what it was like to take a certain medication. Other sites may focus on a brief description of the drug and its common uses. This variability can make it hard to keep track of your larger goal: education.

Basic Prescription Drug Information

When seeking out prescription drug information, make sure your source can provide the following details. First, it should give a listing of alternative names for your medicine (such as trade names or generic labels ). This will help you to recognize all versions of your medicine. Second, a resource site should list the class of drug to which your medicine belongs.

The remaining prescription drug information can provide additional detail on your medication. A good resource will present a list of indicated uses as well as contraindications. It will also cover side effects and major drug interactions. If the resource you are using fails to address these basic medication facts, consider looking for a more comprehensive source.

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