Prescription Drug Prices

Written by Amy Hall
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As you probably already know, prescription drug prices in the United States are astronomical. One 30-day supply of blood pressure pills or anti-depressants can set you back over $200 or more. In addition, many health insurance companies will not pay for certain medications that they do not deem medically necessary. Examples of such prescriptions include birth control pills, Retin-A for acne, or even topical creams such as Tri-Luma for melasma on the face.

These medications are not cheap, and when insurance companies won’t pay for them, consumers have no choice but to cough up the money or go without. Unfortunately, many consumers go without because they simply do not have the means to pay for the outrageously high prescription drug prices. The American healthcare system is in dire straights with no signs of change in sight.

As a result, Americans are looking to Canadian pharmacies because of their low prescription drug prices. Canadian drugs are of the same high quality as American drugs, they just come at a fraction of the price. In addition, there are many more alternatives to brand name drugs in Canada, as the laws governing patents are lenient in comparison to American patent laws. Canadian pharmacies often have generic drugs that can be substituted for your high cost brand name drugs, whereas in America there may be no generic substitutions.

Soaring Prescription Drug Prices

For years Americans did not have any recourse when it came to coping with the high prices of prescription drugs. Thankfully consumers can now turn to online Canadian pharmacies for their drug needs, saving both time and money. Best of all, there is no longer any need to wait in those endless lines at the pharmacy anymore, as you can simply wait for your order to arrive in the mail.

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