Prescription Drugs

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Prescription drugs seem to be a source of constant controversy. Consumer rights organizations decry the high price of prescription medicines. Politicians regularly promise to reduce the cost of prescriptions for Senior citizens.

Some political groups criticize the FDA for being too conservative and slow when approving prescription drugs, while other groups feel the FDA is far too lax and liberal with its approvals. In other words, everyone seems to have a strong opinion about prescription drug info, and the opinions are frequently extreme. However, most consumers really just wish they could find low cost prescription drugs from a provider they could trust.

What about Buying Prescription Drugs Online?

Perhaps the single most controversial issue concerning prescription medications and drug companies is the issue of online prescriptions. The premise behind offering drugs online is a smart one: online companies offer a larger variety of medications than traditional drug stores, are more convenient for shut ins and the elderly than traditional drug stores, and offer greater bargains than traditional drug stores. Unfortunately, a few unethical companies have abused this service, sending up a red flag to the FDA, and to smart consumers.

That's why smart consumers who choose to buy their prescription medications online know to look for "the warning signs." For instance, smart consumers avoid companies that sell drugs which have not yet been approved by the FDA. Wise consumers also avoid sites that boast about offering prescription drugs without a prescription.

The FDA also recommends buying prescription drugs only from those companies that offer an e mail as well as a telephone contact. Too many foreign companies sell drugs while offering no way for disgruntled or confused customers to get in touch with them. The FDA also recommends only buying from sites that use licensed physicians.

The Benefits of Buying Prescription Drugs Online

However, it's not all gloom and doom. Most companies that sell drugs online are just as reputable as the Mom and Pop pharmacy on the corner or the medical mega-store in your local shopping mall. In fact, there have been remarkably few instances of Americans being adversely effected, either financially or medically, by buying drugs online.

Buying prescription drugs online can actually be a wonderful service to many needy people. Shut ins, the elderly, and those in great pain (such as might result from a back surgery or an accident) are enormously grateful for the convenience of purchasing drugs from their homes. Those people who live in rural areas also benefit greatly from online stores.

Another marvelous thing about reputable online drug stores is that they usually sell their products at remarkably low cost. The absence of overhead allows them to sell at greatly reduced rates. Finally, online stores also offer the benefit of enormous variety, offering nearly every FDA approved drug a person might need, day in and day out.

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