Rcc Codes

Written by Norene Anderson
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RCC codes are used to identify facility charges such as operating room, private room, recovery room, inpatient or outpatient, supplies, and other charges. The code "0001" identifies the total charges and it will appear one time for every encounter. Revenue center codes are used in conjunction with other codes such as the CPT code to verify consistency in charges. For instance, if a claim is filed with a CPT code identifying surgery and if the RCC code is not compatible with a surgical charge, it will alert the payer.

RCC codes are critical to maintaining accurate information in the hospital's charge master. This is a document used in hospitals to review the accounting and cost reporting for developing and utilizing management reports. It is important to maintain a clean charge master to enhance the revenue of the hospital. Accuracy of coding should always be maintained. This includes CPT and HCPCS codes and revenue center codes.

More Uses for RCC Codes

To have a complete description of the RCC codes, sometimes a modifier is needed. Keeping the charge master up-to-date with correct information will be a major resource for determining the true cost of delivering service. It is a good indicator for the need to adjust pricing or billing procedures.

RCC codes provide information about many important variables. Revenue center specifics identify the cost center for all billed charges. Cost centers are units or areas within a hospital such as the emergency room, nuclear medicine, pathology, and surgery. The revenue center code is usually detailed by the corresponding HCPCS code. If the RCC indicates lab work was done, the HCPCS code will identify the particular test.

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