Reduce Medication Costs

Written by Tara Peris
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The best way to reduce medication costs is by conducting a regular review of prescribed drugs. With the assistance of your doctor, you should go over all medicines on a routine basis, in order to assess their efficacy and utility. This process can help you and your doctor make decisions about which medicines should remain on board and which should go.

Soaring medication costs are but one of many concerns for patients trying to manage the growing cost of health care. Increasing fees for doctor visits and gaps in insurance coverage mean that patients are paying more and more out of pocket. In the midst of the current economic climate, this situation is unlikely to change.

How to Reduce Medication Costs

In general, the best way to reduce medication costs is to target prescription drug prices. In some cases, it is possible to shop around for the most competitive medication prices. This small investment of time and energy can result a great deal of money saved. However, at least one health care professional (a pharmacist or PCP) should have all the information of the drugs you are taking.

An equally useful strategy, however, is to consult your pharmacist and arrange for regular medication reviews. You can use your consultation to review all current drug prescriptions and to make decisions about which medicines are no longer needed. When you take only the prescription drugs you need, you are bound to reduce medication costs.

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