Respiratory Equipment

Written by Serena Berger
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Your pharmacy may stock two very different types of respiratory equipment. One kind is designed to help deliver medication, while the other is meant to clean the air in your home or simply humidify it to make it easier to breathe. If you have a chronic respiratory ailment, you may require a nebulizer to take medication. Another piece of respiratory equipment that pharmacies may carry is an air filter, which can remove harmful pollutants and germs from the air.

Nebulizers work with compressed air to turn a solution into a vapor that can be inhaled. When you do this, there is a greater chance that the medication will reach small airways and therefore become more effective. The nebulizer should be cleaned after each use, as well as cleaned with a stronger solution every other day of treatment.

Using Air Filters to Improve the Quality of Air

Air filters can dramatically improve the quality of the air in your home. If you have a pet, these filters can remove pet dander from the air so that people with allergies will not be affected. Filters can also remove odor-causing pollutants from the air, making your home smell fresher.

There are several types of air filters available on the market today. Some require that you change filters occasionally in order for them to continue to function properly. Others do not use fibrous filters, but rather have a metal sheet to which all pollutants removed from the air adhere. These filters are usually more expensive. When comparing costs, however, you need to consider not only the cost of the equipment but also the cost of replacements filters and electricity for conventional air filters.

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