Scented Candles

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Scented candles are one of the easiest ways to add ambience to any room of your house. Unlike unscented candles which add atmosphere only through their light at night, scented candles can fill a room with whatever fragrance you find pleasing throughout the day. Thanks to their affordability, you can have a wide variety of scented candles available to create any fragrance mood that strikes your fancy.

Selecting Quality Scented Candles

When choosing scented candles, it pays to know a little bit about what makes for a high quality candle. First off, the importance of the wax and wick can't be overstated. High quality wax means a cleaner burning, less smoky candle. High quality wax also ensures a slower burning time which means that your candles last much longer.

The wick, too, is very important. Some of the highest quality scented candle companies actually have hand-straightened, zinc core wicks. This means the wick remains directly in the center of the candle throughout the life of the candle. This translates into an even burn. Plus, the zinc core provides a non-smoky, clean, hot burn. The intensity of heat is directly related to the intensity of fragrance. The hotter the heat, the more fragrant the candle.

But of course, the most important quality in a scented candle is its fragrance. Always, always, always check for candles with "high concentration," "high infusion" or, like soaps, "triple milled" fragrances. This means that the fragrance runs through the entire candle and will smell as fragrant the last time you burn it as it did the first time. Some cheaper candles have the fragrance only along the outside of the candle so it smells good in the store. Concentrated candles larger than votive size should also be purchased in containers with lids so their oils don't uselessly evaporate when not in use.

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