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Written by Patricia Tunstall
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A script information gateway (SIG) provides electronic access to pharmacies for physicians and other healthcare workers who have responsibility for transmitting prescriptions. A gateway is simply software that enables communication between computer networks, such as those used by a physicians' group and those used by pharmacies in various regions of the country. "Script" is a computer term for a program written in a scripting language (Visual Basic Script, JavaScript, etc.), which is a list of commands that are executed automatically without any human intervention.

Communication between Medical Professionals

The technology behind sig creators is critical to direct, instant communication between a doctor and a pharmacist in the form of transmission of an electronic prescription. Data are distinct pieces of information, such as numbers or text, and data files are the files that store database information. In the medical field, this information would consist of drug codes and other crucial collections of prescription-related data.

The purpose of installing a digital system is to facilitate communication among medical professionals, and to reduce the errors that are so common with handwritten prescriptions. A SIG is the means used by these digital systems to create this electronic communication, so that new prescriptions can be routed from the prescriber to the patient's pharmacy of choice. Such a system also routes renewal requests and requests for changes from the pharmacy to the prescriber.

Currently, reports indicate over 90 percent of the annual 30 billion health transactions are conducted by phone, fax, or mail. Despite the unacceptably high error rate in such transactions, only five percent of American physicians prescribe prescriptions electronically. In order to encourage the spread of digital communications among medical professionals, the federal government has mandated a nationwide system, with incentive funding as part of the program.

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sig creators?

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