Surgical Stockings

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Surgical stockings are easy to buy online. There are many manufacturers of surgical stockings, and each manufacturer makes a wide variety of stockings in terms of size, design options and pressure intensity. Few traditional drugstores could possibly carry a comprehensive selection of surgical stockings, whereas many trusted online pharmacies feature every product type available.

Well-stocked online pharmacies should carry most, if not all, of the top manufacturers and a wide selection of their full product lines. You won't find that at the corner market. Generic brands are not usually recommended, since this is a key health product for many.

Design Intentions and Options in Surgical Stockings

Surgical stockings are sometimes called anti-embolism stockings. They are primarily designed to prevent blood clots that can occur after surgery. Surgical stockings are also medically recommended for the relief of varicose veins, ulcers and edema.

Surgical stockings are very different from regular support hose. Unlike regular hose with a consistent level of tension, these stockings have graduated levels of compression from foot to waist. They are tightest, or most compressed, at the ankle; the pressure is gradually decreased towards the top of the stocking. This design improves circulation and helps prevent swelling. Surgical stockings come in varying levels of compression. There are knee-high, thigh-high, and waist-high stockings. They also come in different colors with varying levels of sheerness.

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