Testosterone Creams

Written by Serena Berger
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As you age, you are likely to experience changes in how your body responds to different stimuli. If you have experienced a loss in sexual interest, you may consider using testosterone creams. These creams, which can be either natural or synthetic, can be used to compensate for low levels of testosterone production.

To determine if your testosterone level is normal, you can take a saliva or blood test. Either test can be used to determine your levels of testosterone and estradiol, the balance of which is a key factor in determining men's health. It is recommended that your health be checked quarterly to see if there is a change in the level of either hormone. Of course, if you notice changes in your level of sexual interest or other physiological changes, you should consult your physician regardless of when you last had a blood test.

While the most obvious effect of testosterone is on one's sexual activity, that is not the only function of the hormone. Testosterone creams have been shown to increase both lean body mass and bone mass. Users have also reported sleeping more soundly.

Using Testosterone Creams

Testosterone creams are applied topically to the skin and then absorbed into the blood stream. You should begin with the recommended dosage of the testosterone cream that you are using, but monitor your testosterone level using blood or saliva tests. After you have returned to a normal level, you should continue to use testosterone cream regularly and monitor your level on a periodic basis.

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