Travel Pillows

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Travel pillows that belong to you and you alone are a great idea for travel, even if you don't find yourself on the road or in the air very often. Contemporary hygiene concerns alone make the case for personal travel pillows. Plus, they're convenient to always have handy in the car, not just for long drives, but any time you may have sleepy kids in the back seat. For those that suffer from even occasional severe neck pain, having a personal travel pillow is like having a bandage in the medicine cabinet: when you need one, you want it right there and then.

Travel pillows provide proper neck support for upright sleep and prevent cricks and neck tension. With their soft, fiberfill construction, they can be folded and bent into many shapes to provide head and neck support when you need to lean against an airplane wall, a car door, or to fill the space between seats. They're also great as a mini pillow when resting in the back seat of the car for grown-ups or kids.

Who Needs Travel Pillows?

For even the occasional traveler, having a personal travel pillow only makes sense. The travel pillow kindly handed to you by the attendant on train or plane has been used hundreds of times in its lifetime. Though pillows are washed between major flights, if you're on the second leg of a plane trip--for example, the plane took off from NY to go to LA and you're getting on in Dallas--that comfy little pillow most likely was just used by the passenger that passed you at the gate. Concerns about SARS and other airborne illnesses aside, most people just don't want to take chances with any product put right next to the face during sleep.

For people that suffer extreme neck pain from time to time from either misalignment or tension, sometimes little travel pillows really help. Just as they'd be worn on a plane in an upright position, they're great for keeping the neck in proper alignment when sitting reading or watching television. Since they're smaller, they're often more comfortable for use when lying on the couch. Also, for times when lying on one's back is the only relief, a travel pillow between the neck and shoulders allows the lower back to stretch out, while the neck remains in a perfectly supported position.

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