Two Piece Capsules

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Two piece gelatin capsules are the standard product in the do-it-yourself, home based supplement manufacturing industry. Many health enthusiasts do not like to buy expensive supplements from large pharmaceutical corporations. Instead, they prefer to buy all natural powdered supplements or vitamins from independent retailers, who often offer better service and customization options.

Filling Your Two Piece Capsules

If you are producing supplements, the filling process is quite easy. Remove the top half of the empty two piece capsule. Place the slightly larger, lower half in the tray of the filling machine. Pour the powdered supplement over the tray. Use the tamping tool to pack more supplement into each shell, then replace the top half of the capsule. Filling machines of various sizes are available through capsule manufacturers depending on your needs.

Standard two piece capsules are made from gelatin, an animal by-product. For vegetarians, non-animal derived capsules are also available. These are often made from certain types of seaweed or other plant materials. Either kind has a hard shell that is intended for powdered supplements, not liquids. The capsule shell is meant to dissolve in the liquids in your stomach, so do not attempt to fill your capsules with a liquid substance unless recommended by the manufacturer.

Two piece capsules are often clear, but not always. Colored shells are also available, and you can even get different cap and body colors. You might want to try some of the flavored capsules that are available, as some are really quite good.

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