Vegetarian Vitamins

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Vegetarian vitamins are the nutritional answer for people on vegetarian diets who want full vitamin and mineral supplementation but understandably want or need to avoid animal by-products. All vitamin supplements that list themselves as "vegetarian vitamins" are 100 percent vegetarian and contain no animal products of any kind. Several well-known, trusted vitamin manufacturers have full lines of vegetarian vitamins.

Vegetarian Vitamins: The Benefits

A low-fat diet, made up of fruits, vegetables and whole grains is a great way to maintain health. Unfortunately, what with complicating factors like stress, pollution, lack of opportunity for exercise and the overall pressure of daily life, meeting that perfect standard day in and day out can sometimes be challenging. Taking a multi-vitamin supplement can help bridge the gap and provide superior immunity protection to combat illness and fatigue.

In addition to being formulated without animal by-products, vegetarian multi-vitamins help meet the unique nutritional needs of those on meat-free diets. Strict vegetarians have very specific vitamin and mineral needs. For instance, vegans(those who avoid all animal foods, including dairy and egg products) need at least 100 mcg daily of vitamin B12. Calcium, iron and zinc are also very important minerals for vegetarians.

Multi-vitamin supplements that are 100 percent vegetarian help meet the needs of vegetarians without compromising their nutritional standards. Vegetarian vitamins are available in single vitamin formulas (a simple B12 supplement, for example), or in multi-vitamin combinations. There are vegetarian vitamins designed specifically for children as well.

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