Zinc Oxide Creams

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Zinc oxide creams are a smart staple for any household medicine chest. Zinc oxide creams are great for dealing with diaper rash, preventing sunburns, and possibly for shortening the duration of that unpleasant cold sore attack. In addition, zinc oxide creams have been shown in multiple medical studies to be effective relief for sufferers of hemorrhoids.

Multiple Benefits and Uses for Zinc Oxide Creams

The Food and Drug Association praises zinc oxide for being cooling to the skin, antiseptic, antibacterial and very protective. Zinc oxide creams soothe the skin, and provide a protective barrier against wetness. Not surprisingly, Zinc oxide is found in virtually every diaper rash ointment on the market. These benefits are not exclusive to baby skin, of course. Rashy, irritated adult skin benefits from topical treatment of zinc oxide creams as well.

Zinc oxide creams are also considered one of the best non-prescription treatments available against hemorrhoids. Zinc oxide creams protect the skin and reduce irritation. Multiple studies have even found plain zinc oxide cream to be as effective against hemorrhoids as brand name treatments.

These same qualities make zinc oxide an excellent defender for those enduring a cold sore outbreak. The same soothing qualities come into play for painful external mouth sores. Zinc oxide's additional antibacterial benefits become very useful, particularly when cold sores blister. The antibacterial action helps reduce inflammation, and prevents both spreading of cold sores and further infection. Moreover, recent studies show that daily topical application of zinc oxide creams to cold sore areas reduced the length of the outbreak for up to a week.

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